Tips For You to Setup Your Wheel Stand Pro Better and Easier


Making Your Stand More Stable

The unique design of Wheel Stand Pro adapts to any types of floor or surface. If the stand does not touch the floor with all four bushes (rough floor, displacement during transport), then there is an easy way to adjust the stand and make it more stable. Simply loose the screws on the bumpers, push the front bumper (the tube with a Wheel Stand Pro logo) downwards in the place it does not touch the ground, and then push the central column in the opposite direction. Tight up the screws once the stand becomes stable again.




The rubber bushes should be placed at the edges of the tube base. These anti-sliding bushes are made of special rubber compound used mainly in the aircraft industry. This will prevent the stand from sliding and protect your floor.




The tube with Wheel Stand Pro logo functions as a bumper and this prevents the pedals from moving forwards. Remember that the pedals should always lean against the bumper. The distance between the pedals and the bumper is adjustable.



Fasten the cables using the bands



If you can hear some noice from your Logitech G27/G25 gear shifter while playing, then you can try unscrewing the both of the gear shifter down to the max.



Hide excess cables in the front bumper



When you fold the stand completely, the central column should be either lying on the brake pedal or stay between the accelerator and the brake pedal. Do not tighten the bolt too firmly because it can damage the pedals. You can also consider placing the AC adaptor between the pedals and the mounting bar.




From time to time put some lubricant into the quick realase. It will operate lighter and more smoothly. Be careful not to allow the lubricant to get betweeen the tubes because the central column will not be stable enough to work properly.



The lower bar that fixes the pedals of Wheel Stand Pro LT V2 model has to touch the rubber bushes. It prevents the bars from sliding down from the pedals when you lean the stand against the wall.



You can wrap the excess of cables round the lower bar




The bars that fix Logitech pedals (Wheel Stand Pro LT V2) should be close to the pedals, then your feet will not touch the pedals mounting bars when playing.


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